IBC Blades That Fit Older Stanley/Record Bench Planes


Bench Plane #2, 0.095' thk 1 5/8" wide RBBE-0309 $56.90
Bench Plane #3, #51/4 .095' thk RBBE-0310 $61.90
Bench Plane #4, #5 .095' thk RBBE-0311 $61.90
Bench Plane #4 1/2, #,6, #7 .095" thk RBBE-0312 $68.90
Bench Plane #8, 0.095' thk 2 5/8" wide RBBE-0313 $72.90

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Hand Planes Are All About The Blade

Plane Makers and Woodworking experts claim that the blade/iron is the most important part of a hand plane in terms of performance. IBC, together with Rob Cosman prove that it really is all about the blade with these exquisitely crafted Blade and Chipbreaker Matched Sets for older planes. This blade set allows an older, fettled bench plane to perform at a level that you would only expect to get from a new premium quality tool.

David Charlesworth Says:

The IBC/Cosman matched blade/breaker is the best prepared that I have seen. The chipbreaker is outstanding and a few strokes on each surface will perfect it. Blade flatness and finish are excellent so the total preparation time is minimal. With proper tuning and sole flattening results should be comparable to premium modern planes. The benefit of this set is the reduced preparation time and the ability to fit a thick blade to a Stanley. This option has not been available before.

I have been tuning up old Stanley planes for over 30 years. We have even salvaged pre 1910 planes. Tremendous satisfaction can be had from reviving and using an old heirloom.

David Charlesworth, davidcharlesworth.co.uk

The IBC blade is high vanadium A-2 steel, 0.140” thick, 60-62HRc and cryogenically treated to optimize the cutting edge’s wear resistance properties. Our breakers are unique – high carbon 0-1 steel, 0.125” thick and hardened to 30-32HRc for added stiffness. Bevels are mated to achieve a flatness tolerance of +/-0.001” along the entire width of the cutting edge. Sides are precision ground square to bevels and then hand polished.

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Brian Rabinovitch
President / CEO
Industrial Blade Company
Made in Canada.

Plane Throat Adjustments

  • Your revival blade/breaker is almost twice as thick as the standard blade/breaker found in original Stanley, Bailey and Record hand planes. It may be necessary to file open the mouth to accomodate the thicker blade.
  • Position the frog to be near its maximum retracted position. With the yoke in the withdrawn position, hold the blade/breaker in the plane to determine how much to open the mouth.
  • Remove the rust inhibitor coating with water and then dry completely before use.
  • Place masking tape on the forward edge of the opening as a guide. Be sure to keep it square to the plane sides.
  • Secure the plane body in a vise, you may find it easier to hold the tool vertically. Keep the filed surface perpendicular to the plane sole. For best results, file a small amount and check frequentlly. Do this until the blade is able to protrude.
  • Fine tune the throat to be parallel to the cutting edge of the blade.