IBC Paring Chisels With Maple Handle

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Paring Chisel 1/4" With Maple Handle CHPM-0813 $130.00
Paring Chisel 3/8" With Maple Handle CHPM-0814 $130.00
Paring Chisel 1/2" With Maple Handle CHPM-0815 $130.00
Paring Chisel 5/8" With Maple Handle CHPM-0817 $130.00
Paring Chisel 3/4" With Maple Handle CHPM-0818 $130.00
Paring Chisel 1" With Maple Handle CHPM-0819 $130.00
Paring Chisel Set of 6 With Maple Handles CSPM-0801 $780.00

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Paring Chisels

Available Sizes: ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾” 1

6 Great Features

#1 Premium Quality Blades:

The blade is the most important component in hand planes and chisels. Hand planes equipped with blades contracted to IBC have won numerous ‘Tool of the Year’ and other industry awards since 2000. In 2009, the IBC brand of hand plane blades was made available to woodworkers directly, as well, quickly receiving an award for improving the performance of older planes to a level comparable to the best modern ones but at a fraction of the price and high praise from many other experts including renowned guru David Charlesworth who wrote “The IBC matched blade/breaker is the best prepared that I have seen”. IBC chisel blades are equally impressive and as finely prepared. Made with our high vanadium A-2 steel cryogenically treated triple tempered and 60-62Rc hard, they hold their keen edge, perform like workhorses and look beautiful. Good Woodworking Magazine May 2016 issue, Phil Davy “These are gorgeous tools.”

#2 Innovative Chisel Design:

IBC chisels combine all the benefits of both the tang and socket designs in one tool. Lightweight and rigid like tang chisels that provide better control of the cutting edge for fine detail work combined with the strength and durability of socket chisels to also strike with a mallet for chopping without loosening the blade or damaging the wood handle. Fine Woodworking Magazine May/June 2017 Issue “IBC Re-imagines Bench Chisel Design” “IBC’s bench chisels are excellent.“ Chris Gochnour

#3 Interchangeable Chisel Blades:

Can be purchased separately at a fraction of the price to use with the same IBC handle(s) you already own. This is how we made building an arsenal of premium chisels cost less without sacrificing quality or performance. The ferrule is included with each separately purchased chisel blade. Handles are also available separately and include the wood, striking cap and the steel core.

#4 Quick Blade Changes:

Go from any IBC chisel blade to another ready to cut in just seconds.

#5 Customizable Handle:

The handle’s removable steel core lets you replace the wood with whatever species and/or custom handle profile desired. Using the same custom handle(s) with many different interchangeable IBC chisel blades can be very satisfying.

#6 Removable Ferrule:

The ferrule can also be removed to lay the blade flat without any obstruction when sharpening.

  • Paring chisel blade total Length: 6”
  • Handle total length: 7”
  • Paring chisel total length: 12 ¼”
  • Optional handle available to also configure as bench chisels
  • Total bench handle length: 3.87”
  • Bench chisel total length: 9.2”
  • Made in Canada

Chisel Specifications

Chisel Blade:

Made from AISI High Vanadium A2 tool steel fully stress relieved, triple tempered, cryogenically treated and hardened to 60-62 Rc. Back sides have a semi-mirror finish. Beveled sides are ground with a small 90° flat for comfort and safety during use. Cutting edges are ground with a primary bevel @ 25°, square to the two side flats, with a 2° higher micro bevel and ship sharp enough from our factory to cut the hair on your arm.


Made from a solid round stress and fatigue resistant steel hardened to 54-56 Rc with a double temper for added strength. Center bored, reamed, and flat on the top and bottom to slip over the tang and seat flush and firm against the flats on the blades two shoulders at one end and the flat top of the wood at the other. This ferrule design and solid construction protects the blade tang, bolsters the wood and provides the chisel with tremendous strength to withstand the lateral stresses and impact from mallet strikes. Hand polished.

Handle Steel Core:

Made from the same high tensile strength stress and fatigue resistant steel as the ferrule, it easily seals the chisel together permanently or, repeatedly. Hollowed and milled open in its mid section for balance and weight with finely tapped ends that attach the threaded blade tang and striking cap precisely and securely.

Handle Striking Cap:

Made from a solid round aluminum bar, it has a precision turned domed top and a finely threaded center post that is precisely and securely attached to the steel core. Its wide flat back seats flush and firm against the matching flat on the back of the wood for a wide area of contact. Tightening the handle compresses the back cap against the wood, fixing both firmly in place. Hand polished on domed surface. Weight: 10 grams.

Handle Wood:

IBC Chisel handles are currently available with Maple or Walnut wood and at 3 1/2” or 7” long, Center bored and reamed to fit its steel core and cut flat on top and bottom for a wide area of contact with the hardened ferrule and aluminum back cap. Tightening the chisel compresses the wood between them to seal it in place. When the handle is detached, the wood can also be separated from the steel core and back cap to customize the handle with your own wood species and / or profile.