IBC/Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife

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IBC/Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife MKDT-0600 $54.90
IBC/Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife Replacement Blade MKDT-0601 $24.99

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For over thirty years one of my most trusted dovetail tools has been my modified marking knife. Working with renowned blade manufacture IBC we have re-created every detail in this replica tool. Transferring tails to pins accurately is such a vital step in the dovetail joint I think you will find this to be your missing link!

Approach the side of the tail at 10-15 degrees. The flex of the thin hardened blade keeps it tight to the tail.

The rectangular handle will register in your hand to help you “feel” the blades position.

At 0.025” the blade is thin enough to fit most saw kerfs for those “London style” pins.
  • Wide at the tip for better registration against the tail
  • Radius tip “track’s” in the end grain
  • Centered micro-bevel prevents cutting into the tail and creates a mark that is easy to see.
  • Replacement blades available
These features make Rob Cosman’s Dovetail marking knife the “missing link” in hand cut dovetails.